Beyblade: A $2,000 smartwatch that is both cheap and powerful

In the early days of wearable computing, smartwatches were mostly aimed at enthusiasts.

Those early designs were more expensive than what most people were buying, and they lacked the features that would eventually make them the darling of tech-focused consumers.

But as more and more companies, including Beyblades maker BeyBlade, started releasing more affordable smartwars, the devices began to make a splash.

Now, the company’s newest smartwatch, the BeyBlades Bey Blonde, is offering an impressive amount of functionality for a few hundred bucks.

The Bey Blade’s sleek and stylish design is made of premium stainless steel and aluminum, which makes it very light and flexible.

The company says it can be worn on your wrist, on your back, and even on your chest.

The watch measures in at just 1.5 inches wide, 1.7 inches tall, and 1.9 inches thick.

Its most distinguishing feature is that it has an integrated heart rate monitor that lets you monitor how you’re moving.

To help make this a useful smartwatch for everyday wear, Bey is also offering a variety of other smart features, including an alarm clock, a fitness tracker, and a GPS watch.

Bey says the Beziest will be a “global hit” for the first year, and the company has already sold more than 4 million of the watches.

But Bey has also said that it’s going to expand the product line and develop a “beyond fitness” smartwatch.

The $2.00 Bey Blades Blonde costs $199, which includes a 3,000mAh battery, an embedded heart rate sensor, and an optional fitness tracker.

The battery lasts up to six hours of battery life.

A $25 Bey Black is $249, which is also a fitness track, a heart rate tracker, a built-in alarm clock (for the wrist) and a built in GPS watch (for a wrist).

The Bezest is available in silver, black, rose gold, rose, and beige.

You can see the Bexblades Blonde and the Beyxblades Beyx Blonde in action in the video above.

The beyblade website offers a lot of information about the product, including a few videos that show the different features of the watch and how it can work with your phone or laptop.

We’ve reached out to Bey for comment.


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