Cryptocurrency video-coding tool helps users watch and edit videos online

An online video-codecoder has helped users edit and watch online videos on a laptop, a desktop, a mobile phone and even a smart TV.

The tool, dubbed Encoder, is the work of a group of university students at the University of Waterloo, which uses it to help people watch videos on their laptops, PCs, smart phones and TVs.

The group used the Encoder to make a video for a TED Talk in May.

The video was posted to YouTube, but the Encoding Team decided to share it with the TED community.

The TED video was edited using the Encoders software, but some of the footage was cut out, leaving only the two-minute video in the online video editor.

In the end, a video of the TED talk was uploaded to the TED website.

Encoder helped people watch the TED video online, without needing to watch the video on a TV or a laptop.

The video, titled The Best of TED Talks, was posted on April 29, but was pulled from YouTube after several days because the TED team believed the TED talks had already been viewed by millions of people.

In a statement to CBC News, the TED Encoder’s creator, John Young, said the video was released “without a prior approval from the TED Media Lab and we apologize for the confusion.”

The Encoder program is one of several tools developed by the Encryption Lab, a non-profit organization that works to help Canadians understand digital privacy and cybersecurity.

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