‘Ender’s Game’ Star Peter Jackson Interviewed Online by ‘The Guardian’

In a rare interview, Peter Jackson revealed that he was the only actor to have spoken with The Guardian about the movie he directed in 2012.

The interview was part of the show “The Guardian Live: Peter Jackson, the Movie”, which airs on Sunday night.

In the interview, Jackson discusses the movie, the reaction of fans and how the film is remembered today.

The Guardian spoke to Jackson about his career, how his life has changed since the movie was released, the film’s impact on the movie industry, and the importance of a strong voice in the entertainment industry.

The movie was about a spaceship crew who accidentally crash on Earth and learn about an alien civilization.

Jackson has been outspoken about his opinion of the movie and how it influenced his work, which he described as “a bit of a dark comedy.”

“There’s a great sense of humour in it,” he said.

“I’ve seen the trailer and thought, ‘It’s not funny’.”

When you’re making a movie, you’re doing something that’s not supposed to be funny and I think that’s a big thing for a director.

I’ve always wanted to make a good movie, I always wanted it to be fun.

And I think it’s got a great impact on what we do.

“It’s a film that people are really proud of, they want to see more of it.”

Jackson’s role in the film was a crucial factor in shaping the movie’s reception.

It was originally released on the Blu-ray Disc in the US and Australia, but it was re-released in Japan in 2012 as a DVD.

“The story was about being trapped on a desert planet and we had to figure out how to get to safety,” Jackson said.

“But we ended up in a desert, there was a great atmosphere of this kind of cold, and then we found a small settlement on this planet, so we could go in. “

“So I went in there, I said, ‘There’s nothing, we’re trapped’. “

And we’d just come out of the spaceship, and there were these aliens and there was no way to escape. “

So I went in there, I said, ‘There’s nothing, we’re trapped’.

“And they said, “No, we have a way to get home.’ “

And we said, [laughs], ‘OK, we’ve seen that before, we’ll do it.’ “

And they said, “No, we have a way to get home.’

And we said, [laughs], ‘OK, we’ve seen that before, we’ll do it.’

And so we did it.

“The trailer was the first of its kind for the DVD release and has since become a cult classic.

It has sold over four million copies worldwide.

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