How to create an interactive video collage from scratch

An interactive video file is a collection of images or videos, which can be stacked together to create a collage.

Collage is a term used to describe a type of video content.

There are many different types of video collages, including ones created by combining images, videos, and music.

Here are five simple steps to creating an interactive collage: Use a free app such as SketchUp to create your image and music collage, which will be shared to Instagram.

Open the app, select a photo and select the “Edit Collage” option.

This will take you to a new panel where you can add, remove, or rearrange the layers of your collage to create the final product.

Create a title card for your collab.

Click “Create a title” to start creating your title card.

Click the “Add New” button.

You’ll be prompted to choose a title for your text-based collage and the title of the video to which you are sharing it.

Select “Add Title.”

The title will appear in the title panel of the app.

Select the image and audio to share.

Once you’ve selected the image, click the “Share” button and share your collaged image to Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media platform.

You can also upload your own audio or video, but this is optional.

The title card will then be shared on the social media network.

The collage will be visible on any video-sharing app and will be displayed for a short period of time.

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