How to get free internet in India

Merlins’ online video counter, which was launched in February, lets users access video from the likes of Disney, Netflix and other online channels without paying. 

The counter, run by the Merlins Group, aims to make the internet more affordable by providing a wide range of channels in various languages. 

“We believe the most important thing is to offer a high quality of content,” said Vishnu Gupta, founder and managing director of Merlins, which also provides services for banks and other businesses.

“We believe that every user has a right to access the internet, and that a high-quality video service is essential for every user to access it.” 

Mr Gupta, who runs the online video platform for banks, said his platform provides a service for customers who want to watch a variety of videos from popular online channels. 

In order to access such channels, users must pay a monthly subscription fee and then pay a fee for access. 

 The company said it offers a range of services in different languages. 

 “For example, we offer online banking, payment solutions, online video, video game, and social networking,” it said in a statement. 

Its platform is free for users who sign up for its app. 

However, it said users need to subscribe for a month and then the service is free of charge. 

Menger has also launched an online video app called Merlins Video Counter which offers access to more than 1,000 channels in more than 30 languages.

The app provides a variety that is exclusive to its customers. 

A user can see the latest videos, views, and reviews from different channels and also browse the channel’s content, it added. 

As of January this year, Merlins had more than 3.7 million customers.

The company’s app has been downloaded nearly one million times and more than 17 million users, it reported.

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