How to watch the Super Bowl on TV online from around the world

It’s a new year, and the Superbowl is on the TV, and we’re all wondering where to watch it.

Here’s our guide to the best online viewing options for you.


Amazon Prime Now If you want to get a great deal on a wide range of video content, this is the place to be.

Its a subscription-based service which will give you access to more than 50 million titles for just £9.99 a month.


Netflix It has the best deals on sports, films, TV shows, games and a wide selection of content across all platforms.

Netflix is the first service to offer free access to its library.


Netflix Prime Now This is the only option that offers full access to the Netflix catalog.

It also offers a $5.99 monthly subscription.


Amazon Instant Video You can also watch movies, TV programmes and TV shows on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Amazon also offers an array of paid streaming services, which includes Prime Instant Video and Amazon Prime Music.


Crunchyroll You can watch a wide variety of movies, shows, sports and music online from many of the same providers.

It has a huge selection of titles, but the biggest value is in the documentaries, TV and music.


Amazon Video You’ll get access to all the content from Crunchyrood as well as the best price on everything from sports and documentaries to films and music, plus the best content of the day.


Amazon Originals You can get all the original content from the Amazon Video library, including original series like American Horror Story and American Idol, along with documentaries, documentaries-on-demand and original music.


Netflix Originals This service has all the titles from the original Netflix catalogue for $7.99.

It offers all the movies and shows available on Netflix Originations.


Netflix Go It’s like Amazon Prime Video on a much smaller scale, but it also offers the best prices on everything.


Hulu Now Hulu Now is the best option for those who want to watch movies and TV programmes on the go.

It’s available on Roku, Apple TV and Android TV devices, and its subscription plans range from $8.99 to $15.99 per month.


Amazon Alexa You can ask Alexa to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant Videos and other content for free, but you’ll need an Amazon Echo.

It can also stream live TV and movies from Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video.


Amazon Music You can now access the best music from the music service and get access for free.

It comes with Spotify and Rdio as a subscription, and it can also give you free access via the app.


Amazon Echo This service is available to Amazon Echo Dot users who can also use Alexa, and will also let you ask the device to play a playlist, check your playlists, make bookmarks and more.


Amazon TV This service gives you access through Amazon’s TV app.

It includes all the channels available on Amazon Prime Instant Videos, including Amazon Prime Original, and all the shows available via Amazon Originations, and offers a huge library of TV shows for just $9.95 a month, including a huge range of original content.


Vudu The Vudubus service has some great deals and offers access to a huge collection of live TV shows and movies, and includes the best local TV and movie content from Netflix, HBO and HBO Now.


Apple TV The only way to watch all the big titles from Amazon Video is to buy the Apple TV Stick, which comes with all the best features, including Siri and a free 30-day trial.


Amazon Fire TV This is a subscription service which offers access for $19.99 for a year, but Amazon has updated the service with a free Roku app.

Amazon has also introduced a free Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Smart TV. 18.

Apple iPad This app lets you stream your favorite TV shows from the App Store and the iTunes App Store to the iPad.


Amazon Kindle This service can be used to stream the best books and movies available on the internet to the Kindle Fire tablet.


Roku Roku is a streaming service which lets you access and stream a wide array of TV, movie, music and more content from a wide assortment of providers.


Apple Music This service will let you stream the Apple Music library to your Apple TV. 22.

Amazon’s Music You’ll be able to download music and watch movies on Amazon Music for free as part of the Prime Music subscription.


Netflix You’ll have access to Netflix, Spotify and other popular services for free with this subscription, including access to their original content and a massive library of original shows.


Amazon Go You’ll also be able watch content from Amazon’s own streaming service, Amazon Go, for free through a subscription.


Apple TVs If you’re looking to get rid

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