How to watch your favourite Netflix and Hulu videos online without paying a dime

On a recent Tuesday morning, I drove down a long stretch of highway in New Jersey, a state that, in the past few decades, has seen the proliferation of cable television.

It was the start of a two-day binge-watching tour, a three-day holiday, a four-day summer, and, on a weekday, a two weeks-long vacation.

The driving took me from the city of Trenton to the town of Port Chester, a few hundred miles north of New York City.

I sat in my car, staring out the window at a blue sky.

A few weeks earlier, I’d been in New York, too, sitting in the same spot and watching Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

I didn’t have to buy anything; it was a free option, and Netflix, like Amazon Prime, offered unlimited streaming of shows.

But as a recent study by researchers at Columbia University and Princeton University found, people with internet access in the United States are more likely to binge watch on their own.

While binge watching is generally viewed as bad for society, it can be especially dangerous.

It’s one reason that internet use in the US has risen steadily in recent years, according to data from the Pew Research Center.

And it’s the reason that the Netflix and Google Instant video services have gained so much traction.

If you’re not a Netflix or a Google Instant subscriber, you’re missing out on a major part of what’s happening online.

You can’t go to Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu without signing up for the streaming service.

Netflix and other services are the only way to watch shows, movies, and other content online, and you pay a monthly fee to stream these content to your devices.

But, while Netflix and YouTube are the major providers of live-streaming video, there are hundreds of online video sites available, some of which are free.

Most of these services are small and niche, and they’re all owned and operated by companies like Netflix or Google, who are hoping to sell you on a bundle of services.

In the past decade, the number of people watching online video on mobile devices has doubled, according a new report by the Pew Internet & Media Project.

It may seem surprising that the internet has exploded at the same time as people are watching more and more content online.

After all, people used to spend most of their free time playing video games.

But video games aren’t all they used to be.

“They were mostly a hobby, and then video games took off,” said Chris W. Brown, the senior research associate at Pew who co-authored the report.

“Now people are spending more time watching video than playing video, and video games are a major reason they do that.”

Video gaming, the study found, has been growing since the early 2000s, when the industry was dominated by a handful of companies like Activision and Electronic Arts.

“There were a lot of big publishers,” Brown said.

“You could buy an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 and play a lot more video games.”

But video game publishers were struggling to make a living.

“When the video game industry peaked, it was like the dot-com bubble,” Brown explained.

“It was all about making money and making it big.”

It was, in part, because the video gaming industry was very small, Brown said, with fewer than 300 video game developers in the world.

As video game players grew in popularity, they had to compete with increasingly complex, high-definition consoles.

“In order to make the console game you wanted to make, you had to get your game into a game engine that made money,” Brown told me.

“So the big publishers were really the only ones that could make that happen.”

In fact, Brown’s research showed that publishers of the most popular video games in the late 2000s were often the ones that were the most heavily invested in making sure that their games were available to people who didn’t already own a PlayStation or Xbox.

The result?

As video gaming expanded, more and a greater number of gamers spent more and less time playing online video.

That meant that online video services like Netflix and Facebook grew even more popular, and so did services like Google Instant.

“These services were designed to be very expensive, and that’s what they were designed for,” Brown continued.

“And they’re very successful at that.”

In a recent interview with Business Insider, Netflix chief content officer David Wells described the company’s strategy as “bundling.”

The company’s core service, Netflix Instant, is a video streaming service that has been available for nearly five years.

The service offers up dozens of streaming options, including HBO Go, Showtime, Amazon Prime Instant Video, and Google’s own YouTube, along with access to over 10 million original shows, documentaries, and movies.

The company charges $9.99 per month for the service.

But Wells said that Netflix’s strategy for bundling services wasn

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