The American Conservatives: How to win the White House

The American Right’s best hope for winning the 2020 elections has a new leader in the White Chamber of Commerce, and she is a woman.

Sandra M. Manley, who was named chairman of the board of the Council for Responsible Technology and a member of President Donald Trump’s transition team, announced on Monday that she is running for the presidency, The Washington Post reported.

Mansley, a former vice president of technology and chief technology officer at Google, was appointed to the board by Trump in January.

She has served on the boards of several major technology companies, including Microsoft and Apple, and is also the director of the American Chamber of Digital Commerce.

She is also a co-founder of the Center for Responsive Politics, which advocates for better regulation of technology companies.

Manleys campaign website is set up as a PAC.

Manley has also become a leader in some of the tech companies’ efforts to fight digital copyright infringement.

Last month, Apple sued the Motion Picture Association of America, a trade group that represents the major movie studios, for allegedly infringing on its copyrights in the movie “Rogue One.”

The Motion Picture Assn.

said in a lawsuit that it has not violated copyright in any of its movies since the movie’s release in 2015.

The group also accused Apple of violating its copys copyrights with a device called “Siri,” which the group says was used to control the playback of a movie.

Apple sued for infringement of “Rogue 1” last year, and a jury sided with Apple in its suit.

Apple lost that case.

Last year, Manley also led a team that filed a lawsuit against a Google search engine called Google Search that is accused of unfairly blocking searches for the term “Hillary Clinton.”

Google has denied blocking searches, and it’s unclear how many searches Google has blocked.

Manions campaign website says the PAC supports Google’s efforts to combat digital piracy.

The tech companies are not the only ones trying to address online piracy.

Netflix also announced Monday that it is launching an anti-piracy program that will give consumers the ability to block online pirates.

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