The man who captured the wildest wildcat race in history is back for a second outing: The Wildcat World Cup

The Wildcats will get their second shot at the World Cup next year, and their biggest challenge will be to get past the Red Sox and Orioles.

The winner of the Wildcats season opener will earn an invitation to the 2019 World Cup, which opens on March 16. 

It’s been an amazing run for the Wildcat franchise, as they’ve won the American League pennant three times and the World Series five times.

Last season, the WildCat franchise won the NL pennant for the second consecutive year, becoming the first team in the major leagues since 2008 to do so. 

“The Wildcat season opener is going to be a big challenge,” Wildcat general manager Chris Antonetti said.

“We have a lot of respect for the Red Wings and Orioles, but we also have a huge respect for Boston and Baltimore.” 

The Wildcats are in a unique position in the American league, which is led by the Boston Red Sox, which owns the right to pick the American players and has the second-largest fan base in the majors behind the Washington Nationals. 

Boston has a solid roster, with the likes of Chris Sale, Dustin Pedroia, Justin Smoak and Jon Lester all on the roster.

But Boston also has a tough schedule that will likely lead to them losing to the Wild Cats in both the wildcard game and the ALCS.

The Wild Cats will have to win two games in the A.L. to get in the World War II era of wildcat baseball.

“The way the American game is going right now, I think the Wild Cat is going for the championship,” Antonetti told

“That’s where they have to have success.

If they don’t, they’re going to lose a couple of games to them.

That’s the reality of the situation.”

Antonetti said he knows the Wildcats will have a tough time against the Orioles, who are on a run of their own, and he knows it will be tough to beat the Red Stars in a World Series rematch.

“We have the Red Bulls and Red Sox [in the A league], and the Orioles have got the Blue Jays and Blue Jays,” Antonett said. 

The Red Stars are in the first wildcard spot in the Western Conference, and they are the only team that is currently undefeated.

Antonetti isn’t concerned with the Wildcaps’ chances against Boston, because the Red Devils have won six of the past eight wildcard games. 

Antonett said the Wildcap team will be ready for anything the Orioles might throw at them, including their ace Cole Hamels, who will be back from injury after missing the past month due to an elbow issue. 

I don’t think you want to underestimate the strength of the Orioles roster,” Antonucci said.

The Orioles have won 11 of their past 13 games, including a 5-0 record in the past five games.

They also defeated the Twins 6-0 last Friday night in the final of the AL Wild Card Game. 

With the Wildbirds’ offense going off the rails last season, they may have to settle for a few fewer runs than they did last season. 

But Antonetti is confident the Wildcards will have the firepower to carry the WildCats to a championship.”

I think the pitching staff is going through some tough times,” Antonati said.

They have two great pitchers in Mike Pelfrey and Jonny Venters,” he said.

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