VIDEO: ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Trailer: ‘I’m Not a Zombie’

The trailer for The Walking Dead Season 5, which premiered Monday, begins with a shot of a man walking past a burning house and then a shot to a car, where the driver, Robert Kirkman, appears in a suit.

The next shot shows the house in flames, and a man walks out of the window and into the street.

The trailer ends with a man, still on the road, in a nearby house.

It’s a shot that is both familiar and different, but also a reminder that the story that the show tells is not the same as the one that has been told so far.

It is not an episode that focuses on zombies, or a show about one.

It does not focus on any particular conflict.

It doesn’t have a big war or even a major conflict.

Rather, it’s the stories of the people who are affected by those conflicts.

The Walking Dark Season 5 premieres on AMC on May 21.

WATCH: ‘Walking Dead’ Star Tom Cavanagh on His New TV Show and His View On The Series As for how it will affect viewers, there are a few things.

First, The Walking Darkness has been on TV for eight years, and has a big fan base.

The show has become a huge part of the entertainment landscape and is now part of a larger narrative.

Second, it is also a show that has a long way to go before it reaches its conclusion.

The original show had a pretty short run, but its popularity has grown and the show has continued to be a huge hit.

Finally, The Last of Us was also a hit, and was a huge deal at the time it aired.

That means the series could be a hit or a bust for a lot of viewers.

But that does not mean it will not resonate with viewers in the long run.

AMC has already made a few big changes to The Walking Stories, so expect that to continue.

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