WATCH: The FBI’s top official on how to protect kids from online predators

The FBI is urging parents to monitor their kids online and not give them too much access to videos, as it prepares to release its first official guide to online video content.

The guidance, which will be released next month, lays out the best ways to watch and access online video from the parents of young children, including whether the videos should be watched at all, if it should be restricted to certain categories, and how to avoid potentially dangerous content.

“What you want to do is monitor and watch videos that you know your child will enjoy,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge Greg Bailes, who will be joined by a team of experts who are experts in online video.

Bailes said the FBI is looking to help parents understand the dangers of watching videos from children and to help them take appropriate steps to block content.

He urged parents to watch videos before downloading them and to not use online video editing tools, like those that can be used to delete videos.

The FBI has long been concerned about the risk that parents are sharing videos to their children.

In 2015, the FBI announced it was looking at ways to help prevent child exploitation and child pornography, as well as to help police better enforce the law.

The FBI has made the first such guidance on online video since that announcement, but it is not an official guidance.

In its new guidance, the Bureau suggests parents watch videos only when they have an explicit intent to share the content.

That means you should not be sharing videos with a child that is underage, you should only share videos for the purpose of viewing and not for sharing, and you should make sure you have the appropriate permission to do so.

If you want your child to watch a video, you will need to show them a link, such as a video player on your computer, to let them know they can access the content in question.

Bailens said you should also be able to say what you want them to see and when they can watch it.

“I think it’s important that you show that it is appropriate and safe to share a video,” he said.

“You can’t do it in a way that would make it dangerous.”

The FBI says it is also calling on parents to keep the following tips in mind:”When watching online videos, make sure that you have a reasonable expectation of privacy in what you share, and don’t share content that would otherwise be illegal or that could have a negative impact on a child.”

The guidance also outlines the best way to protect children from online child predators, who may be trying to stalk or abuse them.

Bails said you can use a wide variety of different tools to protect your children from potentially harmful content, including blocking videos, blocking sites that host videos, changing passwords, using the VPN, or using social media to block access to sites that may contain harmful content.

There are also some steps that parents can take to help protect their children, such with keeping them informed about online threats.

The guide recommends you check in with your child’s school or school district, as these people may have more information about potential threats.

Parents should also look for any online threats in the news, including social media threats.

If your child is on social media, you can contact your school or district’s police department or go to their website, where you can find a list of resources, including police and child abuse prevention resources.

The guide also suggests that parents make sure their child has access to appropriate social media apps, such Facebook and Twitter.

Bails said the guidance will be helpful for parents who want to learn more about the FBI’s online video program.

“We’re going to be making this guide public in a couple of months and that’s going to help you understand what we’re talking about and how we’re going about it,” he added.

“When you see something, you don’t want to miss it.”

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