When a guy is drunk, the world falls apart

From a place of power, to a place filled with love and happiness.

When a dude is drunk.

A world that is, for better or worse, going to fall apart.

This isn’t a joke.

It’s been happening for years, but we’re seeing the full effect now. 

The video has gone viral and we’re now getting calls from all over the world from men who want to know what to do. 

Here’s what they need to know.


What is a Drunk Guy?

A drunk guy is someone who’s been drunk for too long.

This could be a party or a date, but the drunk guy doesn’t care.

He’ll keep drinking until he’s knocked out or unconscious.

It doesn’t matter how much you drink, or how many times you have to get up and get dressed.

The man will be drunk.

The truth is, we’re living in a world where people who are drunk are seen as being dangerous, but are seen to be happy, and fun.

This is what a drunk guy looks like.

The problem is, there are no laws that say that someone is going to be drunk for 24 hours, or 24 hours a day.

If you’ve ever been to a bar, you’ve seen the drunk man standing around.

And that’s because alcohol is cheap.

It can be a drink for about $5.

The reason we think this is a problem is because alcohol doesn’t stop you from having fun, it stops you from being happy, from being in control of your life.

But it does stop you being happy if you’re not happy.

And this is the worst part.

When we’re drunk, we don’t want to be.

We want to feel loved and be loved.

And the people who think that they are happy when they’re drunk are the ones who will be sad if they have to go through the experience again. 

If a guy has been drinking for a year, he’s probably been drinking the most because he hasn’t been able to control his life the way he used to. 

This doesn’t make you happy, it makes you angry.

And anger can be contagious.

So what are we supposed to do?

What you need to do is recognize that when a guy gets drunk, it’s not a good thing.

A drunk man has become less important.

He’s less capable of making decisions that will lead to happiness.

He might be more likely to break up with you.

You might lose your job.

He may be more susceptible to addiction.

He won’t be the person you want to hang out with.

The best way to deal with this is to stop drinking.

If a guy keeps drinking, then you should stop drinking with him.

But you shouldn’t force him to stop.

If he doesn’t want you to stop, then he shouldn’t be drinking with you, either.

You should treat him like you would any other person who’s drinking.

Don’t make it harder for him.

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