Why are Germans so proud of Auschwitz?

I came to the conclusion after looking through some of the videos on YouTube that this is a story that many Germans simply want to tell.

It is true that the Germans of the 1940s were quite proud of what they had accomplished, as was the German people at the time.

They are also proud of the atrocities committed by the Nazis during the war, particularly for the Jews and others.

But that is a topic for another article.

As for the video itself, I find it a very funny look at the lives of the people involved in the war and the aftermath.

One of the main themes is that the Jews were treated worse than other people because they were Jews.

But they also had other reasons to be ashamed of themselves.

It was not the case that the Nazis were trying to exterminate the Jews, but that their actions were in fact justified, because the Germans had no other option but to fight and die.

This is a very good point.

But the video does not have the same sense of humor as the previous two examples, which have been linked to Hitler’s murderous actions.

As the title indicates, the video is a look at a small-scale, everyday life in the concentration camp.

It shows a man in a wheelchair being wheeled into a holding cell with a guard who is waiting outside.

He is sitting on a metal bar, with a wheelbarrow beside him.

He has no food, water or other amenities, as a result of his imprisonment.

The guard is standing by to watch, while the prisoner stands in the center of the cell.

As he tries to climb up the bars, the guard pushes him back and tells him that he will be put in a special place, a special area, to wait for his turn.

When the guard walks away, the prisoner walks over to the wheelbarrows, places his hand on the bar and pushes him up onto the bars.

Then the guard turns around, sees the prisoner on the bars and says, “You’ve made it!”

A couple of days later, the man is moved into another holding cell, where he is placed in a small cell, without any food, no water or anything to drink.

Then he is taken to another small room and a guard stands outside the window, pointing to a small hole in the floor.

The guards then come into the room, pull out the bar, put it on the wall and say to the prisoner, “I’m here to see you.”

The prisoner looks up, sees a man who is holding a rifle and walks over, to a guard and says to him, “Can you shoot me?”

The man then fires several rounds at the guard, killing him.

Another prisoner, a Polish Jew, is sent into a special holding cell where he and his fellow prisoners are placed in small cells with only one door, where they are allowed to eat and sleep.

Then a guard walks over and says “You have made it, my friend.”

This man then walks over onto the bar of the holding cell and starts to fire a rifle, hitting the guard in the head.

Then another guard is put on top of the man and hits him again.

The man continues to fire at the guards until he is shot dead.

The video ends with the man being brought to the door of the cells and the guards pointing at him.

The word “die” is heard and then the guard says, in a voice loud enough to be heard over the noise of the crowd, “That’s it.”

Then the guards leave.

The next day, the next day the next.

The footage is quite humorous, but does not capture the true nature of life in Auschwitz, or the daily horrors that existed there, and the suffering that people had to endure.

In reality, the Holocaust is one of the most horrific human tragedies in history.

The vast majority of the dead in Auschwitz were Jews, who were systematically murdered and tortured, starved, gassed and burned to death.

At least 20 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust.

A significant number of the victims were Polish Jews, and others were Roma people.

The Nazis killed about 3 million Jews in concentration camps and ghettos, while killing a further 4 million in labor camps.

It has been estimated that about 70 percent of all the dead Jews were Roma, while some 3 million Roma people were murdered in the camps.

Auschwitz, however, was a place where people of all races, nationalities and religions lived together.

It also had a huge Jewish community.

As you can see in the first image, there is a young boy playing with his toy rifle, but also a young girl in the same room.

The boy is holding his toy and his girlfriend is playing with the girl’s toy.

They both seem to be very happy.

This young boy is playing at the end of the video.

The girl is holding her toy and she appears to be smiling.

The older man is

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