Why online video is the new gold standard for learning

India’s online learning revolution has hit a critical point, says Amit Shah.

It is time for the world to stop focusing on what we do online and instead, focus on what it takes to do it well, he says in a recent article for The Hindu.

He has written a piece for The Economic Times that will be the basis for a new book, ‘Online Learning: A Guide to Learning Online from an Investor’s Perspective’, due to be published next year.

Amit Shah is the managing director of online learning company NTT Docomo and founder and chief executive of NTT, which provides the online training platform NTT Video, which includes courses in engineering, computer science, and business administration.NTT Video has more than 4 million users and has been used by the likes of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to create the platform for the social network.

The platform’s success has led to a surge in online learning.

“It is no longer about teaching the fundamentals of the subject, but about creating content to get students excited about learning,” says Amit, who is also a former executive at NTT.NIT Docomo has been instrumental in building the NTT Platform, which offers courses on a wide range of topics, from engineering and finance to the latest technology and marketing.

It has also partnered with universities, including Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, the Indian Institute of Technology, and the Tata Institute of Social Sciences.

Many courses in Indian universities are offered through NTT and there are currently over 40 courses on the platform.

“This has changed the way we teach,” says NIT Docomomo founder and CEO Amit Shah, who has been on the board of directors since 2014.

“For example, in the past, the idea of learning on the go was only possible in the last few years.

The NTT platform has enabled students to get online anywhere and anywhere, and it’s also allowed them to learn from other teachers on the same platform.

So the idea is that students are now learning from a wide variety of teachers.

This is the most important part of the transformation.”

The rise of online courses has made it possible for teachers to work more remotely.

Many are working in the hospitality sector, and they have access to resources like iPads and tablets.

Nintech is an initiative by NTT to enable teachers to learn on-demand, and to make teaching online easier.

The platform connects teachers with teachers on other platforms and provides feedback on each lesson.

The NIT Group, a group of tech giants including Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and LinkedIn, recently set up a $2 billion fund to invest in technology companies that are investing in digital education.

Nirmala Sen, an NIT docomo director and former COO, is also the former CEO of NIT Video.

“I was a bit sceptical about NTT’s potential for growth, but I have to say I am very impressed with how the platform has grown and is evolving,” says Sen, who also co-founded and currently serves as the COO of NCTech, the company’s digital media platform.NCTech was founded by Sen and Amit Shah to build an online education platform for teaching and learning that is completely integrated with its core products.

“The way we view NTT is a combination of NNTech and NIT,” says Shivaraj Srivastava, a founder of NITSmith, the NIT video platform that provides courses in business administration, finance and technology.”NNTech will be a great platform to offer courses to the global learners, but also to our Indian learners.

We will focus on creating content for teachers and learners to interact and exchange, and will also have an integrated learning portal with a learning portal for the entire community.

We are creating an ecosystem to enable our learners to share their knowledge with each other.”

The NNTecks will provide a platform for teachers, content creators and learners, as well as the world at large, says Sen. “Teachers will be able to connect with teachers from around the world, and learners will be free to explore the content, and be able share their own content with other learners.”

In a world of so many content providers, we will be focusing on content creators.

We want to enable people to create content on their own, and create content for the whole world to benefit from.

“The Indian government has invested $10 billion in digital technology since 2012, and its plans are to spend $500 billion over the next decade on digital infrastructure, education and education-related businesses, including online education.

The focus on education is being driven by two trends.

First, it is focused on teaching to the masses.

Second, it’s focused on education for all.

The focus on teaching is driven by NITDocomo, NNToc, NITTech, NTTDocomo and NTTTV

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