Woman found guilty of ‘sexual assault’ on plane

A woman has been found guilty in the Philippines of sexually assaulting a young boy on a flight from Hong Kong to Singapore.

The victim’s mother said the girl had suffered “profound psychological trauma” and was now in a state of “shock and trauma”.

The victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was travelling with a friend to a local shopping mall with a group of friends when they encountered a group that had been drinking in a private area.

“When they asked the girl if she had any money, she said yes, so we asked her if she wanted to give it to them,” his mother told reporters in the capital Manila.

“She said she could not give it because she was drunk,” she added.

The woman was then “touched by her male friend and raped” in a nearby room.

The man, who has been charged with aggravated sexual assault and indecent assault, denied the allegations.

“I don’t have the courage to speak about it because I am ashamed,” he said.

“I will say that I will never do anything like this again.

This is not me.

I am not responsible for what happened to my child.”

A woman was arrested for sexually assaulting another passenger in a Manila hotel last year.

A woman was also arrested for a similar crime in Singapore.

According to reports in the Philippine media, the woman was drunk and did not know what was happening.

She was reportedly in her 20s and was travelling alone on a domestic flight.

The Philippine Embassy in Singapore said it had no comment on the case.

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